The work is called «Tribute to the Original Communities» and represents a tribute to all the original cultures of Argentina and Latin America. In the words of the artist Alejandra Gubinelli: «It is my way of honouring my childhood in the Province of Chaco (Argentina), as well as the diversity that characterises this hemisphere. It is to look at the communities again, embracing them from adulthood, appreciating their knowledge, their work and their cosmovision.»

About the artist:

«From Argentina – the artist Alejandra Gubinelli – shows us a conscious journey of the reuse of glass with traditional techniques. In her creative process there is always the unknown of the elements she will use and the composition of her new work. In her ‘going inwards’ to make a friendlier world, this artist achieves from her transparencies an integration and empathy of us with the object-work.

A great maker of the virtuous circuit of glass, so that ‘glass remains glass’.

Gubinelli shows the ductility and malleability of glass together with the harmony of each of her works, using light as a great ally of her creations»

Alejandra Mavicino, Arte Global by Malvicino Palermo (Brasil)