Nunaïa is a brand of wellness and beauty which offers 100% natural and ethical formulations derived from plant botanicals sustainably and directly sourced from small farmer growers in the Amazon rainforest and Andes Mountains of Peru. These vital actives have been used for thousands of years to treat dry skin and health issues. They combine this ancestral wisdom with modern-day green beauty technology. Click here and go to website.

Winners of the 7th Edition of the Award for Sustainable Luxury in Latin America.
From left to right: Ligia Gómez (Threads of Peru, winner in fashion and accessories category), Veronica Soto (Tierra Atacama, winner in hospitality category), Nicola Connolly (Founder of Nunaïa, winner in wellness category), Jerry Toth (transformational leader honoree).


TIERRA ATACAMA Hotel & Spa, belongs to the Tierra Hotels, located on the outskirts of the town of San Pedro de Atacama, in the Chilean highlands. The boutique hotel offers a unique experience of approaching nature and all its materials were worked by artisans from the area. Click here and go to website.

Winners, sponsors and jury members.


THREADS OF PERU, seeks to connect the world with the local textile crafts of the Andes ensuring fair trade and empowering women in Peruvian communities. Weaving, especially with alpaca fiber, is part of the identity of the peoples of the Andes and are still today, fundamental in their culture. Click here and go to website.


GERALD FRANCIS TOTH III-Jerry Toth, as he is commonly known- was born in Chicago, the United States of America.
Fascinated by Ecuador, its nature and the forest, he saw this endangered forest and to preserve the remmants he co-founded the Third Millennium Alliance, a non-profit organisation. This way, he managed to create an ecological reserve called Reserva Ecológica Jama-Coaque, that protects 450 hectares of moist and cloud forest.
The art and complexity of growing cocoa turned into his passion and, with the harvested cocoa he started to make fully craft chocolate. As he became aware of this universe, he decided to found To’Ak in 2013 -along with Carl Schweizer, an Austrian designer who lives in Ecuador, and Servio Pachard -the fourth generation of a cocoa farmer family. His mission was to change the way in which the world perceives, values and tastes chocolate. Click here and go to Third Millenium Alliance. Click here and go to To’AK.

Jerry Toth.