The jury of the eleventh edition was:

Madeleine Burns. Consultant in Social Development, Tourism and Creative Industries, she has extensive experience in Crafts, Tourism and Social Development. She has been Ministerial Advisor of Foreign Trade and Tourism, National Director of the Training Centre for Tourism of Peru for 8 years and National Director of Crafts of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, responsible for the policy of development and promotion of Crafts, of the Technological Innovation Centres of Crafts and Tourism and responsible for the initiative of Tourist Development of “De Mi Tierra y un Producto” (My Land and One Product).


Roxana Amarilla. Is social communicator. Leads MATRIA -Mercado de Artesanías Tradicionales e Innovadoras Argentinas – Argentine Market of Traditional and Innovative Crafts) at the National Ministry of Culture, Argentina. Member of the Observatory of Crafts, Cultural Political Economy Research Centre (CECYP), Gino Germani Research Centre at the University of Buenos Aires. Vice President of the World Crafts Council for Latin America.
Photo: Gisela Filc.


Miguel Angel Gardetti, creator and director of the Award for Sustainable Luxury in Latin America. He has wide experience in issues concerning luxury and sustainable development. For his contributions in this field, he was granted the “Sustainable Leadership Award,” in February, 2015 in Mumbai (India).


Daniel Joutard, is the founder and CEO of Aïny Savoirs des Peuples, a French brand of luxury natural cosmetics. Aïny was the winner of the 2011 Edition of Award for Sustainability in the Universe of Luxury in Latin America.