Founder and Director

Miguel Ángel Gardetti, Ph.D.

Miguel Angel Gardetti is a Textile Engineer (Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Argentina). Prior to his Doctor of Philosophy Degree earned in the United States of America, he earned two Master’s Degrees, one in Business Administration from the IAE Business School (Universidad Austral, Argentina), and the other in Environmental Studies and Sustainable Development from the Universidad de Ciencias Empresariales y Sociales (Argentina).

In the field of sustainable luxury, he founded the Center for Studies on Sustainable Luxury, the first initiative of its kind in the world with an academic/research profile. Besides, for his academic contributions in the field –he was editor and co-editor of several books published in the USA and the UK-, he was granted the “Sustainable Leadership Award” in the category: “academia” in Bombay (India) in February, 2015.

He is an active member of the Global Compact in Argentina –which is a United Nations initiative-, and was a member of its governance body –the Board of The Global Compact, Argentine Chapter – for two terms. He was also part of the task force that developed the “Management Responsible Education Principles” of the United Nations Global Compact. This task force was made up of over 55 renowned academics worldwide pertaining to the main Business Schools.