Some of the winners were:

Gudrun & Gudrun (Faroe Islands, 2016). Created by two women from the Faroe Islands, this brand is characterised by the handcrafted production of all their knitwear. Their clothes meet the standards of customers concerned with their neighbours, the environment, and common natural resources, who, in turn, wish to wear fashionable items. Click here and go to website.

Campi Ya Kanzi (Kenya, 2016). This is a luxurious safari lodge located on the plains of Tsavo, south of Kenya, which is part of a Masaai reservation stretching over 113,000 hectares and owned by the Masaai community; therefore, part of the profits go directly to the tribe. Moreover, all the buildings were erected using local materials. Click here and go to website.

The winners, sponsors and jury members of the 2016 edition.

Looptworks (USA, 2016). It is an American company based in Portland that turns waste into beautiful and useful objects for daily life (recovery of plane seat material – obtained through an agreement with an air company from Alaska – that are turned into luxury bags). Moreover, they regard themselves as pioneers in the environmental approach to accessory design and production. Click here and go to website.

Scott Hamlin –founder, Loopworks, one of the brands awarded in 2016- along with Miguel A. Gardetti, the Award for Sustainable Luxury in Latin America.

Kahina Giving Beauty (USA). A premium organic skin care product company. Kahina Giving Beauty’s mission is to provide the highest quality products for face and body skin care, while preserving, protecting and improving (natural, human and cultural) resources behind the brand. Click here and go to website.

Some of the honourees were:

Petit H y Pascale Mussard (France). Petit H was founded in 2009, a figment of the imagination and philosophy of Pascale Mussard -creative director of Hermès and member of the sixth generation of the family that founded the iconic label. Petit H gives a new life to scrap material and faulty items from Hermès post-production, which would be otherwise destroyed, by creating products such as lamps, seats, decorative objects, or jewellery that become unique pieces or limited series that are already part of this innovative offer. Click here and go to website.

Pascale Mussard, creative director, Hermès and member of the sixth generation of the founding family of the iconic Hermès label, along with the great Peruvian designer Meche Correa, and Miguel Angel Gardetti, founder and director, the Award for Sustainable Luxury in Latin America.

Meche Correa (Peru). Designer and ambassador of Peru Brand that shows the world her country’s creativity and art, strength and ancient culture. Meche Correa works with artisans, mostly women from Cusco, Ayacucho, Huancayo, Lima, Cajamarca, and from the jungle, but also with men, who are responsible for the entire jewellery line made out of bull bones and horns. As to women, they live in urban communities and Meche has a very strong social commitment to them, which is part of the rationale behind her brand. Click here and go to website.

Simone Cipriani – founder, “Ethical Fashion Initiative” and recognised for that in 2016- along with Meche Correa.

Simone Cipriani (Italy). Founder of the “Ethical Fashion Initiative”, it oversees the promotion of trade and creative start-ups incubation within marginalised communities in Africa and Haiti. The ITC, – the ethical fashion initiative led by Cipriani- introduced the project “Ethical Africa,” starting in Nairobi, and by means of alliances with designers such as Vivienne Westwood, or Stella McCartney, among others. Click here and go to website.