MAGDALENA PEDRO MARTÍNEZ. Craf: Mother Tuxtepecana.

From Oaxaca, Mexico, she combines the 2500-year-old technique of modelling black clay with the ancestral technique of oxygen reduction and gives it a special touch by alternating glossy and matt effects. In this way she highlights the traditional dress of the women of his region.



ALFONSO SULCA CHÁVEZ. Craft: The three magical religious spaces of the Andean cosmovision (decorative mural tapestry).

From Ayacucho, Peru, it took him three months to make his work. It is made of 95 percent alpaca fibre and the rest in cotton. The work shows part of Andean mythology. He is known for having researched the utilitarian weaving since the 1960s and turned it into recognised works of art under the name of Decorative Mural Tapestry. At the World Congress of Artisans, his Tapestry Mural Tapestry was compared to the French Gobelin and was called Peruvian Gobelin.



RUBÉN RODRÍGUEZ. Craft: Carving of a walnut.

From El Bolsón, Río Negro -Argentina-, he obtains wood naturally, and his technique is based on modelling and polishing from superfine sanding. He finds poetry in the observation of details and shadows projected on the wood. He considers himself a tireless learner, nature being one of his greatest teachers. He has received 34 awards, including prizes and mentions.



MARCELO TOLEDO. Craft: The Luxuries of Bacchus (Dish).

From the city of Buenos Aires -Argentina-. He is a goldsmith and contemporary artist. The work presented is entirely handmade in 925 silver obtained from the smelting of disused pieces to avoid mining extraction. His techniques and styles are very traditional and ancient to which he adds an avant-garde touch, achieving that unique result.