Some of the winners were:

Pachacuti (UK). This company is engaged in the manufacture of the Panama hats with native communities from Ecuador (more precisely, the Quechua people). Later, following the collapse of the Rana Plaza Building in Bangladesh, Carry Sommers –founder of Pachacuti- created the “Fashion Revolution Day” initiative in memory of over 1200 workers who died in that incident. This initiative has spread to more than 62 countries. Click here and go to website.

Evelyn Hotter (right) –founder and director, Estancia Peuma Hue (Bariloche, Argentina) with the «Tourism» category Award. Her daughter and Maria Eugenia Giron are with her.

Aïny Savoirs Des Peuple (France). Created by Daniel Joutard, it produces cosmetics based on a combination of “sacred” plants from Peru and Ecuador. These products –which are organic and not tested on animals- are marketed as luxury products in Europe. Daniel promotes sustainable development and, along this line, the company has signed collaboration agreements with native communities from the above countries fighting against «biopiracy». Click here and go to website.

Dana Thomas (United States), Miguel Angel Gardetti (Argentina), María Eugenia Girón (Spain) and Jem Bendell (United Kingdom)

Estancia Peuma Hue (Argentina). This is a luxury eco-resort located inside Nahuel Huapi National Park, in the surroundings of the City of Bariloche, Argentina. In addition to accommodation, it has been offering activities and different types of experiences for 12 years now based on a model that combines ethical, social, environmental, health, service, and economic values in favour of the community and its surroundings. As a private family undertaking, its goal is to achieve as much as possible with its own resources, following the rules of the national park and the provisions applicable to that sector. It is also devoted to preserving native species (coihue, cypress, lenga beech, Antarctic beech, etc.), as well as to controlling invasive species, eliminating poaching, and preserving water and native bird habitats. For such purpose, it emphasises the responsible management and protection of natural resources, which starts with staff training in the first place. Click here and go to website.