Some of the winners were:

The winners (from right to left in the first row): Paulina Robson –Paulina Robson Handbags (Chile)-, Alan Frampton –CRED Jewellery (United Kingdom), Oskar Metsavaht –OSKLEN (Brazil), Eduardo Segura -La Becasina (Argentina)

Eden Diodatti (UK). This sustainable luxury fashion brand works with a cooperative of women who survived the genocide in Rwanda, and with a cooperative of people with different types of disabilities in Italy. Click here and go to website.

From right to left: Eduardo Escobedo –director, RESP, Responsible Ecosystem Sourcing Platform (Switzerland)-, Miguel Angel Gardetti, founder and director, the Award for Sustainable Luxury in Latin America, and Maria Eugenia Giron -director, Observatorio de Productos y Servicios Premium, IE Business School (Spain).

CRED (UK). It has been at the forefront of the jewellery industry transformation for the past 15 years. The Fairtrade gold sold by CRED is the only gold in the market with a third-party audit to trace it back to its source and production method. Most of the gold used by this jewellery company comes from “Sotrami,” in Peru, a community that works for the benefit of Santa Filamino people. The premium money was allocated to improving school education, health conditions, and medical care, as well as to a cooperative store that sells food at low prices. Click here and go to website.

Alan Frampton –CEO,
CRED Jewellery (United Kingdom)

Paulina Robson Handbags (Chile). Created by Paulina Robson, it designs luxury accessories based on skins that come from the salmon industry wastes. Handmade in Chile by a group of local skilled artisans, committed to the quality of each piece, Paulina’s collections are timeless luxury pieces: with a classic, fresh, modern and authentic style. Her way of doing business means truly respecting people and the environment in every aspect of her production chain. Click here and go to website.

La Becasina Delta Lodge (Argentina). It is an exclusive Hotel in the Estuary of Paraná River (San Fernando, Buenos Aires, Argentina). Conceived for relaxation, privacy or to hold exclusive business meetings. At both margins of Las Cañas creek, it is characterised by semi-wild nature and scarce population. Click here and go to website.

Some of the honourees were:

Oskar Metsavaht –founder and CEO, OSKLEN (Brazil)

OSKLEN (Brazil, 2013). It is a Brazilian brand that believes that fashion and design are potential tools to promote sustainable development in Brazil. Oskar Metsavaht, founder and creative director of OSKLEN and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, is willing to both promote the Brazilian heritage behind his brand, and to support efforts tending to protect the local environment. Osklen was named “Future Maker” in the “Deeper Luxury” report published by WWF-UK. Moreover, Osklen supports many environmental projects, such as the “Brazilian Coastal Area Preservation” project and the TRACES project, in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of the Environment. Click here and go to website.